Lorraine Archibald

I was introduced to Reiki by a work colleague over a decade ago. 

I was having a rough time with one thing and another, and it was suggested that Reiki could help bring some calm and balance to my life.

After one reiki session, I could already feel a shift. I felt more at ease, less stressed and was sleeping better.

Before long, I was enrolling on my Reiki 1st Degree course and receiving my attunement. Reiki 2nd Degree soon followed and a couple of years later I received my Reiki Master attunement and progressed to teaching Reiki to others.


Whilst on my Reiki journey, I rediscovered an interest in healing crystals. For as long as I can remember, Ive always had some sort of affinity with amethyst. If it was in a shop, I was drawn towards it, my gran & papa bought me an amethyst tumblestone necklace when I was a wee girl - I think it was in Creetown at the Gem Museum, and I would make a beeline for the massive amethyst geode upstairs at the Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh. There was always something of a magical 'buzz' calling out to me.


I started learning about all the different properties and the energy frequencies given off by different gemstones and how that could be used in 'Crystal Healing', which then in turn lead me on to 'Colour Therapy" and how colour can also be used in healing.


The thread bringing it all together was Reiki and other methods of Energy Healing that I've stumbled across. I find it all incredibly interesting that everything gives off its own energy vibration and how it can repaired and tuned up by channeling energy from around us. 


My learning journey is a never ending one and I incorporate as much as I can into my healing practice.


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